I needed to clean up my harddrive before switching to a SSD disk, and found this a bit obscure tip to free some diskspace:


Basically you have a “way back” archive that you can delete some files from – but you have to do it right as explained in the link.


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Copied the 10.5 to ~/wine/drive_c/original/ yada yada – just to have somewhere to install from…

Remember to start the iTunes installer from the console – otherwise you will not see the logging output hence no sensible errors.

Same error – that is – graphics is behaving really wierd. Tried different Wine configurations, however it was problematic at best.


Wine has a list of software that has been tried, here is the iTunes track record. Still no “Gold” solution.

Webcam issues

Posted: October 23, 2011 in Linux

I needed a quick snapshot and tried to use my webcam in Linux…

However the cam is apparently broken – most likely due to heat since I left it exposed to direct sunlight for a couple of months. I will be interesting to test it on a different pc soon.

The Ubuntu tools used were:

  • Video4Linux Control Panel – to control brightness etc. manually
  • Cheese Webcam Booth to do a couple of snapshots

Ubuntu 11.10

Posted: October 23, 2011 in Linux

Every thing seems to work post update, greatest change is sofar the new login screen – with built in guest account. Nice.

Wireless extender – NETGEAR WN3000RP

Posted: August 29, 2011 in IT

I needed to extend a wireless network, since the antenna in an IPad is not as good as a high quality USB dongle with antenna. Looking here and there, I ended up giving the WN3000RP a shot. Absolutely brilliant thing. It basically connects to the weak network and creates a “new” network using a different name. Bingo, IPad has internet. Config was almost too easy.

I have to say that the WN3000RP does not have perfect signal strength, but it works none the less.


The built in config website traps DNS requests, so typing mywifiext.net is beeing trapped and the internal config page is shown. Nice.

During setup of scheduled batch backup of Subversion I ran into a problem – the .bat file did not execute properly.

The batchfile contains something like this:

set Day=%DATE:~7,2%
set Mth=%DATE:~4,2%
set Yr=%DATE:~10,4%
set MyDate=%Yr%%Mth%%Day%
“C:\Program Files (x86)\VisualSVN Server\bin\svnadmin” hotcopy F:\SVNRepositories\CS “F:\SVNBackup\Backup %MyDate%”
dir “Backup %MyDate%” >> “log\back dir check.log”
“C:\Program Files\7-Zip\7z.exe” a -tzip “F:\SVNBackup\SVNBackup %MyDate%” “Backup %MyDate%” >> “log\zip.log”
copy “F:\SVNBackup\SVNBackup %MyDate%.zip” “\\sbs1\VaultBackup$\SVNBackup\” >> “log\final copy.log”


It runs hotcopy, then a dir of the copy to a log, runs 7-zip, and finally copy to a server…

It works fine in shell, but the task scheduler did not work at all. I finally noticed and cared about the “Start in (optional)” field – suddenly everything was fine when running in the Scheduler.


Seems fine, things are not where they were pre 11.04 upgrade, but so what?

The main thing is that everything starts up nicely, apps are rearranged, seldomly used apps a bit hard to find and such. Feels a bit like upgrading from XP to W7 – the small things that changed.